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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Construction contract

Upon conclusion of a construction contract no broker fees or additional fees are due.
If you purchase a piece of land without building /construction contract, we ask the local 5% commission incl. TR -VAT.


For resale/new constructed/rent or lease properties

The broker receives for the intermediation and / or the arrangement of the conclusion of a purchase-lease- or other contract, a commission.
This amounts to 3% of the purchase price or purchase agreements.

With lease and / or lettings we ask for 2 months rent /fee, plus the applicable sales tax.


The broker works as conciliatory broker as well as middleman (principal and agent)


If the broker receives a sole agency, so the customer is obliged, during the contract period to instruct any other agent and any brokerage to prohibit third parties.

All notices and notification of interested parties are strictly confidential and may only go to third parties with the written consent of the broker. If the breach of this duty leads to conclude a contract with the third party owes the client the agreed commission.

Documented release objects that are privately purchased within a year are not free of broker’s fee.
Means: The broker can also ask for commission if he provide information’s to a customer, which puts him in a position with the other party to enter into contract negotiations.

The details of a property are made on the basis of statements of the owner, without liability for the accuracy and completeness.

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